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The Authority met with the local aviation industry to explain and discuss about the update of the content of "Macau International Airport Master Plan" on 16-17 February 2015.
The Civil Aviation Authority has approved 73 extra and charter flights for this Chinese New Year allowing the local air transport market to provide enough capacity for both the Macao residents and the passengers from other places to travel between Macao and mainland China, Taiwan China, Japan and Korea.
The Civil Aviation Authority of Macao SAR conducts a 5-day training event on "ICAO Air Cargo and Mail Security Course" in the office multi-function room from 02 to 06 February 2015. Two aviation security experts with International Civil Aviation Organization certified instructors qualification are invited to lecture training course.
The Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Eng. Raimundo do Rosário paid a visit to AACM office on 28 January 2015, to have a better understanding of the daily operation of the authority.
The "Macao Facilitation and Security Committee" annual meeting was held at the AACM office on 20 January 2015, to review the implementation of the security issues and discuss the work plan for the coming year.
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