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Hosted by the Civil Aviation Authority, the "7th Meeting of ICAO Asia-Pacific Flight Procedure Programme Steering Committee (7th FPP SCM)" is held from 11 - 13 November 2015 in Macao in which delegates from 7 states and administrations as well as International Civil Aviation Organization discuss among themselves on issues of flight procedures design.
According to Article 4 of the Administrative Regulation No. 11/2004 as amended by the Administrative Regulation No.19/2011, an airline should compensate a passenger for the damages caused by the delay in carriage. However, if the airline can prove that it has taken all reasonably required measures to avoid the occurrence of such damages or losses or if it demonstrates that taking such measures was impossible, the airline is not held responsible for the damages.
The Civil Aviation Authority performed the acceptance check on Air Macau's new aircraft in Hamburg, Germany. The relevant certificate of airworthiness is issued to the air operator today (30 October 2015).
(Wechat ID: MacaoCAA)
Macau International Airport conducted the full scale emergency exercise early this morning (23 October 2015) to simulate an aircraft crash upon landing which led to injuries and deaths.
The passenger fee and the security fee of Macau International Airport are collected by the airport concessionaire (CAM) and form part of their income. These fees are not taxes imposed by the Macao SAR Government.
(Wechat ID: MacaoCAA)
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