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The weather factors for aircraft landings and take-offs include wind speed, wind direction and visibility. A pilot will base on the procedures of the airline's operation manual as well as the real-time weather information (plus the forecasts) given by the airport to determine whether a landing or a take-off can be performed. This is also the international practice.
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According to Administrative Regulation No. 31/2003, a passenger who violates the normal discipline on board an aircraft, or causes danger to the safety of the aircraft, the other passengers or their properties, may be liable to a fine of MOP5,000.00 to MOP50,000.00.
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AACM has established its Youtube channel to share videos with the Macao residents that help the latter to understand the work of the Authority, the aviation policies and the industry development.
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The Civil Aviation Authority launches the online MACCARES reporting form providing the industry and the residents another convenient channel for submitting information of safety concerns to the Authority.
The Civil Aviation Authority launches its Wechat official account to make good use of this platform for news publication.
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