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The "Macao Facilitation and Security Committee" held a meeting on 23 January 2014 to discuss the year plan.
A full scale emergency exercise was conducted in the Macau Heliport on 12 December 2013 to simulate a helicopter accident and the response of all relevant entities to test their capacity in handling emergencies.
An explanatory session was held on 06 December 2013 by the Authority to explain to the industry the revision of the MAR 66 - Licensing of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.
The yearly full-scale emergency exercise was carried out on 31 October 2013 in Macau International Airport to enhance the capacity of various entities in dealing with emergencies associated with dangerous goods.
The aeronautical authorities of mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao signed the "Cooperation Arrangement on Mutual Acceptance of Approval of Aircraft Maintenance Training Organizations" in Beijing on 29 October 2013. The three authorities will continue to cooperate on joint maintenance management to share resources.
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