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The 2014 Security Exercise on the theme of "bomb threat" was carried out from 09 to 10 October 2014 to simulate the occurrence of the said emergency and to test the capacity of the airport in dealing with the incident.
"The Cooperation Agreement on the airworthiness of aviation refueling operations between the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Civil Aviation Authority of Macao SAR" was inked in Macao on 19 September 2014, of which the mainland expert will provide technical assistance to Macao on the respective work.
AACM attended the 2nd Workshop on Underwater Search of Flight Recorders which was convened at Singapore Aviation Academy from 30 - 31 July 2014 to train staff with skills on the sea search and recovery of flight recorders.
The Civil Aviation Authority of Macao SAR granted the aerodrome certificate to the Administration of Airports, Ltd. on 22 July 2014, a new certificate granted to Macau International Airport after the effective implementation of Administrative Regulation No. 18/2012.
Delegations of Macao and the Philippines met on 17 and 18 June 2014 in Macao for air talks and eventually inked a new Memorandum of Understanding to increase the Manila capacity.
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