In accordance with Resolution 02/2007 approved by the Facilitation and Security Committee, the following security control procedures for screening liquids, gels and aerosols will be implemented in Macau International Airport with effect from 01 March 2007:

1. The new procedures are applicable to liquids such as water, soups, syrups, juices and other drinks, and also to gels, pastes, lotions, and the contents of aerosols. This includes toiletries such as toothpaste, shaving cream, hair gel, lip gloss, facial creams, mascara and liquid lip balms and any other solutions of similar consistency.


2. a) All liquids must be carried in containers with a capacity not greater than 100 ml (or the equivalent in other volumetric measurements, e.g. fluid ounces). Liquids carried in containers larger than 100 ml are not to be accepted, even if the container is only part-filled;

b) Containers must be placed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag of a maximum capacity not exceeding 1 litre. The containers must fit comfortably within the transparent plastic bag, which should be completely closed.

c) The plastic bag must be presented for visual examination at the screening point. Only one transparent plastic bag per passenger should be permitted; and

d) Exemptions should be made by the security personnel for medications under prescription, baby milk/foods and special dietary requirements. An appropriate and proportionate means of verifying the nature of such liquids will need to be available.


3. Exemptions should be made in respect of liquids purchased either at airport duty free shops, or on board aircraft, on the condition that the liquid is packed in a sealed plastic bag that is both tamper-evident and displays satisfactory proof of purchase at airport duty free shops, or on board aircraft, on the day(s) of the journey for departing as well as transfer passengers.


4. To facilitate screening and avoid a cluttered x-ray image, such plastic bags containing liquid containers should be presented apart from other cabin baggage, coats and jackets or laptops for separate x-ray screening.

As the new procedures may delay the security screening time, the Civil Aviation Authority advises all passengers to reserve adequate time for such process.



Chan Weng Hong
Facilitation and Security Committee