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Job Description

General Committee


The General Committee shall:

a) comment on AACM's policy proposals;
b) study AACM’s plan, budget, report and accounts;
c) comment on all matters falling within AACM’s scope and issue any recommendation it may think fit.


The General Committee is presided by His Excellency the Chief Executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region, who is represented by the Honorable Secretary for Transport and Public Works.

The General Committee is composed of the following members:

• Director General of the Macao Customs
• Director of the Macao Economic Services Bureau
• Director of the Macao Public Security Police Force
• Director of the Macao Government Tourist Office
• Director of the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau
• Director of the Marine and Water Bureau
• President of the Civil Aviation Authority
• Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAM Macau International Airport Company Limited
• Presidents of the Administrative Committees of the airlines incorporated in Macao

Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee is composed by three effective members: a president and two members, with an equal number of alternate members.

The president of the Administrative Committee is, inherently, the president of the AACM.

One of the effective members of the Administrative Committee shall be a representative from the Financial Services Bureau.

Air Transport and International Relations

• Study any economic issues related to air services and propose rules and regulations governing them
• Analyse air services tariffs and prices submitted by Macao airlines and non-local airlines operating in the Macao SAR
• Implement and collect statistical information related to the different fields of aeronautical transport activity
• Prepare and negotiate Air Services Agreements and International Conventions
• Study and propose for adoption by the Macao SAR any relevant international standards related to airtransport
• Grant landing authorizations for scheduled and non-scheduled flights
• Study and draft laws and regulations governing air transport activity in Macao, and follow up the implementation of such laws and regulations

Department of Flight Standards

• Evaluate and issue Air Operators certification
• Oversee the activities of the AOC holders
• Evaluate and issue operator licenses for the transport of dangerous goods to and from the Macau International Airport
• Inspect airline flight operations and conduct flight check on crew
• Participate in the study and submission of proposals for rules and complementary procedures
• Approve flight operations and training manuals
• Approve authorized examiners
• Approve flight training organizations and flight simulators
• Issue authorizations to airlines, allowing them to operate in low visibility conditions in the Macau International Airport
• Disseminate information regarding flight safety and accident prevention Investigate into accidents and incidents
• Investigate into accidents and incidents

Department of Airworthiness

• Develope, update and implement regulations, requirements and procedures related to airworthiness
• Evaluate and issue initial certification and conduct continuous surveillance of the maintenance systems of AOC holders in Macao
• Evaluate and issue initial certification and conduct continuous surveillance of the maintenance organizations approved pursuant to the provisions in MAR-145
• Process the applications for the issuance, renewal and variation of the aircraft maintenance engineer licenses
• Evaluate the applications for the registration of civil aircrafts in Macao
• Conduct surveillance to all civil aircrafts registered in Macao so as to assure their airworthiness and operational safety
• Process the applications for the modification and repair of civil aircrafts registered in Macao
• Coordinate the implementation of the mandatory occurrence reporting system
• Investigate into accidents and serious incidents which concern aircrafts
• Communicate and coordinate all aspects related to airworthiness with other civil aviation authorities

Airport Infrastructure and Air Navigation

• Approve and certify airport infrastructure and services as well as future development plans
• Perform periodic inspections on the operation, readiness and quality of the facilities of the airport and the service providers in order to ensure compliance with the ICAO Standards and Macao’s aviation laws and regulations
• Prepare, update and publish manuals, circulars of aeronautical information, NOTAM and other aeronautical documents
• Supervise the information services and communications relating to Macao's aviation
• Conduct oversight and planning of new CNS systems, harmonize technical requirements with the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices and Macao aviation regulations, and coordinate with the adjacent aeronautical authorities
• Conduct regular inspections of safety and security systems, evaluate and approve airport and heliport emergency plans and implement exercises, and coordinate safety and security procedures
• Evaluate and issue ground handling agent permit(s) for the handling of dangerous goods to and from the Macau International Airport

Department of Administration and Finance

• Prepare, control and manage AACM's financial budget
• Prepare the annual financial statements and management account
• Provide logistic and administrative support to all other departments of AACM
• Manage human resources
• Manage AACM's assets and the repair and maintenance of fixtures and equipment

Accident Prevention and Investigation Group

• Participate or support investigations into civil aviation accidents or serious incidents, if required
• Participate in activities organised by international or regional organisations relevant to investigations and prevention of accidents and incidents
• Propose the update of laws, regulations and procedures related to accident and incident investigation in order to ensure compliance with international standards and their applicability in Macao
• Establish and administrate the Macau Confidential Aviation Reporting System (MACCARES)
• Administrate and analyze safety information database; prepare, organise and publish statistics, alerts or safety recommendations when appropriate
• In the strict respect of the applicable laws, facilitate intra-Macao and inter-state/region safety data sharing
• Establish internal procedures aiming to ensure confidentiality and proper use of safety data
• Promote the establishment and the coordination of the system and procedures for search and rescue operations involving civil aircrafts

Public Relations

• Organize international conferences, seminars and workshops while promoting Macao’s tourism to foreign participants
• Handle news dissemination and keeps interactive relationship with the media
• Organize promotional and advertising campaigns whenever publicity work is necessary
• Collect news clippings about Macao’s aviation, consolidate and maintain the relevant database for own publicity work and media reports
• Coordinate and prepare the policy address materials relating to aviation
• Prepare replies to the interpellations of legislative assembly members
• Attend to general enquiries and complaints
• Handle protocol services
• Organize community activities and participate in the commemorative operations launched by the industry


• Provide clerical support to the President, the Vice-President and the department-in-chief
• Organize and manage the system referent to the documentation, and the dissemination of information to the different users of AACM