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Youth Project

DateName of the Event/PurposeNatureCollaboratorsTarget AudienceSummary of contentRelated news releases
22-Mar-18Introduction of the Civil Aviation Authority and the development of Macao’s aviationTalk and site visitCivil Aviation Authority (AACM),Institute of Tourism Studies (IFT) and Air Macau Company LimitedForm 5 students from Luso-Chinesa Técnico Profissional SchoolUpon the invitation by the Institute of Tourism Studies (IFT), AACM cooperated with Air Macau to organize a talk for students from Luso-Chinesa Técnico Profissional School with the objective of educating the students with a general picture of Macao’s aviation and giving them an opportunity to visit the operational facilities of Air Macau.Link
19-Sep-18“2018 Youth Project – Macao Aviation Development and Career Prospect”TalkCivil Aviation Authority (AACM),Institute of Tourism Studies (IFT) and Macao College Students Development AssociationTertiary education students aged 18-24 yearsAACM introduced the Macao aviation development, different jobs in aviation and its future prospects to young people for their better understanding of the civil aviation industry in order to make their career choice and how the aviation industry people should pursue their dreams in the development of Big Bay Area and grasp every opportunity to better develop their career.Link
15-Jun-19AACM interacts with Macau Civil Aviation Employees AssociationVisit and forumCivil Aviation Authority (AACM) and Macau Civil Aviation Employees AssociationAviation industry professionalsAACM interacted with the members on the future planning of Macao’s aviation and how the industry integrates into the expansion of the Greater Bay Area growth. AACM hoped to construct the healthy and orderly development of Macao’s aviation through soliciting the views and opinions of the industry.Link
27-Aug-19Online Chat with Tertiary Education StudentsInteraction and exchange of viewsHigher Education Bureau and Civil Aviation Authority (AACM)Tertiary education students aged 18-24 yearsWith the objective of introducing to the tertiary education students on the future career opportunities in aviation through the online chat platform, AACM interacted with the students by giving them an overview of the development and opportunities of Macao's aviation, the types of professional training and needs, as well as how the industry integrates into the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.NIL