21-09-2019 Saturday 12:05


The prohibited or restricted area established in accordance with paragraph 66 of the Air Navigation Regulation of Macau will be published by official information platform of AACM. Anyone who operates the unmanned aircraft should firstly check the related information.

Does Macao’s aviation legislation regulate flying? Does a resident or an organization have to apply if they wish to carry out a flying activity, e.g. flying the model aircraft, releasing latex balloons to air, flying the lantern and so on? How can they apply?

In accordance with the relevant Macao’s legislation, namely Article 6 of Portaria No. 233/95/M of 14 August which has been revised by Chief Executive’s Despacho No. 295/2010, a resident or an organization who wishes to carry out a flying activity in Macao must get the written permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. The flying activities include performing an organized release of latex balloons; flying a captive balloon, a kite, a hot air balloon, a lantern, a model aircraft or an unmanned aerial vehicle which is over 7 kg; installing or operating external laser lights or search lights; performingaerial shows and so on. Please click  to download flying activities application forms.

In accordance with Provision 16 of Decree Law No. 52/94/M of 7 November, anyone who performs a flying activity in the protection area as set forth in the aeronautical restrictions and does not comply with the above requirements will be liable to a fine of MOP2,000 to MOP20,000 imposed by AACM.

Application with detailed information can be submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority by post, fax, email or in person at least 10 working days in advance. No fee is charged. The evaluation and approval process takes no more than 10 working days.

AACM takes the opportunity to highlight that the main objective of the legislation is to ensure aviation safety. It is not the objective to purposely create a means to disturb people from leisure.Ever since Macau International Airport has been put into operation, the air transport has become an important means for Macao residents to travel abroad. The SAR government has the responsibility to establish a decent clearance environment to guarantee the safe operations of the industry. It is through this way that the living and the traveling of our residents can be protected.