14-12-2019 Saturday 08:37

The Macao SAR Government will ban all unmanned aircraft activities from 14 to 22 December 2019 to ensure that the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Special Administrative Region will take place in a safe environment.


The MACCARES, which stands for Macao Confidential Aviation Reporting System, is a voluntary, confidential, and non-punitive incident reporting system established by the Civil Aviation Authority of Macao SAR (AACM), administered by the Accident Prevention and Investigation Group (APIG) which is functionally independent from the Directorates of the AACM. The sole purpose of the MACCARES is to enhance aviation safety and to prevent the occurrence of aircraft accident and incident through collecting information on actual or potential safety deficiencies that may not be captured by the mandatory occurrence reporting system and providing data for improvements to aviation system.

The MACCARES allows any person who observes or becomes aware of safety concerns in relation to aviation safety to report such concerns to the AACM confidentially. Nevertheless, the MACCARES does not eliminate the requirements of notification of accident and serious incident and mandatory reporting