23-01-2021 Saturday 12:09

Confidential & Non-Punitive Principle

The APIG shall ensure the internal and external confidentiality of information and source of MACCARES reports. The identity of the reporter and any person referred in the report shall be kept confidential.

The AACM shall not use MACCARES report and/or information derived from the report in any disciplinary action or for enforcement purpose.

When contravention of the provisions of the Macao SAR civil aviation legislation and regulations comes to the attention of the AACM from a source other than MACCARES report and/or information derived from the report, the AACM may issue inspection finding of such contravention. However, if a report of such contravention has previously been filed with the AACM under MACCARES, no administrative proceeding or penalty will be imposed except there is evidence that the occurrence was caused by wilful misconduct or gross negligence.