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AACM organizes talk and site visit for secondary students to educate them with Macao’s aviation


To cope with the Macao SAR Government’s 2018 policy address in developing the youth project, the Civil Aviation Authority (AACM) worked in hand with Air Macau Company Limited to organize a talk for a group of Form 5 students from Luso-Chinesa Técnico Profissional School this afternoon with the objective of educating the students with a general picture of Macao’s aviation and giving them an opportunity to visit the operational facilities of Air Macau. The activity has helped the students to get a deeper understanding of the development of the industry in Macao. The visitors were active in the question and answer session and the interaction between the speakers and the visitors was good. 

Upon the invitation by the Institute of Tourism Studies (IFT), AACM cooperated with Air Macau to give a talk in the Air Macau Operation Building (NXOB) to a group of Form 5 students from Luso-Chinesa Técnico Profissional School, who are currently attending the outbound tourism programme led by IFT’s Tourism and Hotel School. The activity comprised of classroom presentations and a site visit. During the presentations, the AACM representatives gave an overview of the aviation structure and the development of the industry in Macao. AACM also took the opportunity to introduce to the students their roles and responsibilities as an authority, with special focus on the safety oversight on airlines. Following the AACM’s presentations, the Air Macau representative talked about their daily flight dispatch operations, the pre-flight preparations, the aircraft relocation and so on. The conclusion of the presentations was followed by the site visit to the NXOB facilities. The visitors paid focused attention through the whole activity; the speakers shared some of the interesting experiences in their work with the students; the whole activity was conducted in a friendly atmosphere. The number of visitors including both the IFT instructors and the Form 5 students was 18.

The two speakers from AACM were the safety officers from Flight Standards and Licensing, Mr. Kobo Leong and Ms. Tammy Lai. The speaker from Air Macau was the General Manager of Flight Dispatch Division, Mr. Alex Tse.

The Youth Project is an important task set forth in the 2018 policy address of the Macao SAR Government. AACM strives to meet this objective. The talk and site visit activity of today was the first event to be carried out in the year plan of the Youth Project run by the Authority. Presently, AACM is working with the Macao College Students Development Association to organize a talk to be given to the college students so that the latter can get a clearer picture of Macao’s aviation, which will help them to make better career planning if they wish to enter into the industry.


Youth Project - IFT & Luso-Chinesa visit to AACM&NX 22.03.18 news photo (520x297).jpg

On 22 March 2018, the Civil Aviation Authority and Air Macau worked together to give a talk and arrange a site visit for the instructors of the Institute of Tourism Studies and the students from Luso-Chinesa Técnico Profissional School to educate them with the development of Macao’s aviation.

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