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AACM implements new aviation security requirements commencing this March


The Civil Aviation Authority (AACM) will implement new aviation security requirements through two new aeronautical circulars commencing 1 March 2019. Such requirements include the  prohibition of transporting lighters on aircraft and transporting selfie stick, camera/video recorder tripod and monopod exceeding 30 cm after retraction in carry-on baggage, and so on.

With the objective of further enhancing the measures for maintaining aviation security, Macau International Airport and the heliport will implement a number of new aviation security requirements commencing 01 March 2019, which include: 1) lighters (and matches) are forbidden to carry onto an aircraft; 2) selfie stick, camera/video recorder tripod and monopod exceeding 30cm after retraction is forbidden to put in carry-on baggage, and must be transported in checked baggage.

To make the best endeavours in promoting the new requirements to passengers through different channels, AACM has renewed the signages and the electronic screens in what regards the prohibited articles and the dangerous goods, which are installed in the aerodromes. In addition, AACM has produced the relevant promotional videos that are now broadcasted on the electronic screens in the airport and the other checkpoints, as well as the TVs on public buses.

AACM reviews the aviation laws and regulations, standards and requirements in relation to aviation security on a periodical basis through the regular meetings of the Facilitation and Security Committee (FALSEC), and will introduce amendments whenever the need so justifies. In addition to keeping track of and going in line with the international practice, AACM also puts focused attention on the specific need of Macao, and implements new amendments or requirements that are aimed at ensuring the security operations can safeguard the travelling public. The new requirements which will come into effect on 01 March 2019 are implemented having considered similar practice in the neighbouring areas and with the approval of the FALSEC.

To address the need of the smoking passengers, Macau International Airport has installed the ignition device in the smoking room in the airside of the terminal, open for use by passengers who have passed the security screening and wish to smoke in the terminal before flight departure.

AACM publishes the above new requirements through two aeronautical circulars. Anyone who wishes to read the details of the requirements and the full text of the aeronautical circulars can go to “Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs), Restricted Articles and Dangerous Goods” under Chapter “Passenger Guide” of the AACM website through this link: https://www.aacm.gov.mo/guide.php?con=1&pageid=119&lg=eng

Dangerous goods - new requirements (520x520).jpg

Commencing 1 March 2019, air transport passengers are prohibited to carry lighters (and matches) onto an aircraft.

Restricted Articles - new requirements (520x520).jpg

Commencing 1 March 2019, air transport passengers who wish to carry selfie stick, camera/video recorder tripod and monopod exceeding 30 cm after retraction must put the item in checked baggage.

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