06-12-2019 Friday 07:39

The Macao SAR Government will ban all unmanned aircraft activities from 14 to 22 December 2019 to ensure that the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Special Administrative Region will take place in a safe environment.

List of Macao Registered Aircraft

Operator Aircraft Registration Model
Air Macau Company Limited.
B-MAN Airbus A319-132
B-MAO Airbus A319-132
B-MAP Airbus A321-231
B-MAQ Airbus A321-231
B-MBA Airbus A321-231
B-MBB Airbus A321-231
B-MBC Airbus A320-232
B-MBM Airbus A321-231
B-MCA Airbus A321-231
B-MCB Airbus A320-232
B-MCC Airbus A321-231
B-MCD Airbus A321-231
B-MCE Airbus A321-231
B-MCF Airbus A320-232
B-MCG Airbus A321-231
B-MCH Airbus A320-232
B-MCI Airbus A320-232
B-MCJ Airbus A320-232
B-MCK Airbus A320-271N
B-MCL Airbus A320-271N
B-MBO Airbus A320-271N
East Asia Airlines Limited.
B-MHI Agusta AW139
B-MHK Agusta AW139
B-MHL Agusta AW139
Macau Jet International Co. Ltd.
B-MHM Agusta AW139