16-08-2020 Sunday 01:32

The Macao SAR Government will ban unmanned aircraft activities in certain zones in Macao during the helicopter sightseeing tours, between 14:00 to 18:00 on Wednesdays to Sundays from 31 July to 30 August 2020, to ensure that the tours will take place in a safe environment.

For details, please refer to the news release issued by the Civil Aviation Authority on 29 July 2020 with link as follows:  https://www.aacm.gov.mo/news_detail.php?pageid=88&id=569&timetrue=2020-07-29&lg=eng

List of Macao Registered Aircraft

Operator Aircraft Registration Model
Air Macau Company Limited.
B-MAO Airbus A319-132
B-MAP Airbus A321-231
B-MAQ Airbus A321-231
B-MBA Airbus A321-231
B-MBB Airbus A321-231
B-MBC Airbus A320-232
B-MBM Airbus A321-231
B-MCA Airbus A321-231
B-MCB Airbus A320-232
B-MCC Airbus A321-231
B-MCD Airbus A321-231
B-MCE Airbus A321-231
B-MCF Airbus A320-232
B-MCG Airbus A321-231
B-MCH Airbus A320-232
B-MCI Airbus A320-232
B-MCJ Airbus A320-232
B-MCK Airbus A320-271N
B-MCL Airbus A320-271N
B-MBO Airbus A320-271N
B-MBP Airbus A320-271N
B-MBQ Airbus A321-271NX
East Asia Airlines Limited.
B-MHI Agusta AW139
B-MHK Agusta AW139
B-MHL Agusta AW139
Macau Jet International Co. Ltd.
B-MHM Agusta AW139