31-10-2020 Saturday 10:14

Privacy statement

The Civil Aviation Authority of Macao Special Administrative Region (hereinafter referred to as AACM) respects your privacy and will comply with the data protection principle of "Personal Data Protection Act". AACM undertakes to strictly protect all your personal data submitted to AACM’s website during the collection, usage, retention, security and transmission.

1. Collection and processing of non-personal data by this website
If you are purely browsing this website other than using the online reporting services, you will not be asked to provide your personal data.

2. Collection and processing of personal data by this website
If you use the following online reporting services, AACM will collect the basic personal data from you (such as name and contact information, etc). Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is applied to the online reporting forms for data transmission, as to ensure that the entire data transfer is processed in a high security environment. The authorized officer of the authority and the involved aviation entitles are the only personnel to obtain the personal data for the purpose of handling of the cases.

• Online comment or complaint form
• Online enquiry form
• MACCARES online reporting form

3. The authority reserves the right to change this statement and the last modified date will be listed in the updated version.