16-08-2020 Sunday 01:19

The Macao SAR Government will ban unmanned aircraft activities in certain zones in Macao during the helicopter sightseeing tours, between 14:00 to 18:00 on Wednesdays to Sundays from 31 July to 30 August 2020, to ensure that the tours will take place in a safe environment.

For details, please refer to the news release issued by the Civil Aviation Authority on 29 July 2020 with link as follows:  https://www.aacm.gov.mo/news_detail.php?pageid=88&id=569&timetrue=2020-07-29&lg=eng

Scheduled Air Services

Service target and eligibility criteria:

The Macao aviation regulations require that scheduled air services to and from Macao by foreign registered aircraft shall be operated under and in accordance with the provisions of an operating permit which is granted by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Application channel:

Online Application
Registered airlines, air operators or agents can submit flight applications and related supporting documents via the Flight Application System. Please click the following link to register an account:

Paper Application 
- By letter, fax or email
Tel: 853-8796 4104 / 8796 4122 / 8796 4135 (Direct line)
       853-2851 1213 (General line)
Fax: 853-8796 4115 (Direct line)
        853-2833 8089 (General line)
E-mail: flightauthorization@aacm.gov.mo
Address:18/F, Cheng Feng Commercial Centre, 336-342, Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpção, Macao

Required documents:

The operator is required to submit the following documents or information::

1. The completed “Application Form for Scheduled Air Services to/from Macao SAR”;
2. Letter of designation from the aeronautical authorities of the country designating the operator;
3. Air Operator registration documents;
4. A valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC) or equivalent document issued by the aeronautical authorities of the country designating the operator, certifying that the aeronautical authorities are satisfied that the operator is competent to secure the safe operation of aircraft on flights for the purpose of public transport, in accordance with such conditions and limitations as may be specified in the certificate. This certificate shall contain at least the following:
         a) Operator's identification document (name, address, etc);
         b) Date of issue and period of validity;
         c) Description of the types of operations authorized;
         d) The type(s) of aircraft authorized for use; and
         e) Authorized areas of operation or routes.
5. Documentary evidence from the operator's insurance company to show that the operator carries appropriate insurance regarding legal liability to passengers and cargo legal liability (the Montreal Convention requirements apply), and legal liability to third parties.
6. Summer / winter operational timetables.
Note: Please click 4.png or refer to Administrative Regulations No.11/2004 and No.19/2011 for information on liability insurance.



Processing time:

The approval process will not take more than 15 working days to complete (time guaranteed in performance pledge).
Note: The time guaranteed commences from the next date following the date of submission of all required documents or information.

Download form:

Online Application
Please click the following link to register an account: https://fltapp.aacm.gov.mo/login

Paper Application
Please click 4.png to download the pdf form